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I should jot down my experience of being in the place (utopia for me), before it fades away from my memory. Ah, it cannot fade away as I waited for this time since my childhood.

That was 7th May 2014. I took half leave from office, getting various tips from colleagues for the audition. I left my cell phone in office and had to get back to office to take it. Enough of the tension.  :/

Anyway, I reached Islamabad Traffic Police office and that was the place where Fm 92.4 studio was. A young guy welcomed me. He had juice and did not offer me. I had water bottle and I did not offer him. So, call it even :D

This guy introduced me to the staff and showed me the way to main studio. And, there I was in STUDIO for RJing. I was hoping for some serious kind of meet up or audition but no, according to him, he gave me a surprise. He informed me that we are doing show live. That was not a surprise rather a shock. :O

He started the show in his cool style. And, suddenly I realized that I was speechless. I drank litters of water. It took me a while to settle down. This was the first time I was out of words. I was grateful to Rj for supporting me to speak up.

Then, it was callers turn. It was one nice moment when people call you to actually talk to you. I was amazed that people actually took out time to call. Their love and enthusiasm helped me in getting back my energy.

Overall, it was an awesome experience. I am looking forward for doing this on repeat.

Oh, oh, oh, how can I miss that! That would be so unfair if I do not mention people who helped me to experience all this.

A big shout out to Fatemah Sajwani for introducing me to this Rj guy :P Don’t forget to follow her blog: https://whatfatemahsay.wordpress.com/

Thank you Areepha Esar for calling me on show and wishing me luck <3

So, you are thinking who is this Rj guy? Thank you so much Humayun Zaib Abbasi for not offering me juice but all the help and support. You took the risk to take me to live show, and though, it did not go well (that’s another story :P ).

Being reader of this blog, it becomes our duty to like his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rjzaibabbasi Listen to his show ONCE on FM 92.4 on wednesday & thursday at 4 pm. Then, you will keep on listening to him, i bet . (Y)

Featuring first female chemical engineer of Gilgit Baltistan – Zahira Gohar



Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success. Feeling happy and blessed to be the first engineer of the family and first female chemical engineer from Gilgit Baltistan. I dedicate my this success to my great brother Javed Gohar. He motivated me to do this and stood up with me in every up and down

Words shared by Miss Zahira Gohar who recently graduated from Dawood University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi. I congratulate her for this great achievement. I wish her all the best and hope that she will continue to play an important role in progress of Gilgit Baltistan. Thumbs up Zahira (Y)


Lets find an internship!!

While, students in universities pack up their semesters by getting rid of finals, they also start searching for summer internships. In this regard, many undergraduate students contacted  me. During these months, I seriously felt like sharing few tips, which will help  under graduate students and fresh graduates in finding internships and jobs:



1. Use a proper and formal email id to send your resume to any company or person. Please, don’t use you first email id to communicate professionally . I feel it very awkward, when anyone sends me resume with an email like cute_me@gmail.com and smartboy_86@hotmail.com. And, I am sure every HR person would feel the same.

2. Please, rename your resume title as “ApplicantName_Designation”. For example, If a candidate applies for the post of Content  writer and his/her name is  ABC, title of resume document will be “Content writer_ABC”..  Avoid sending your resume/CV with title myresume or CV_2 etc.

3. Mention the designation for which you are applying, in subject of email properly.

4. While you send resume to anyone, mention your objectives clearly. Mention, what your strengths and interests are. If you are confused about your objectives and strengths, discuss it with your seniors who are professionally working. I am sure your seniors will help you.

5. Whenever you contact any senior, please contact them in a professional manner. It looks weird when anyone sends a message on facebook “yr koi internship dilwa do. kaheen pey bi, bs internship lagwa do “. That is quite annoying. Its good to have a 1-1 meeting with any senior to discuss queries related to your jobs and internships.

6. Google jobs related to your major subjects and interests. You will get an idea about professional career and you can surely discuss your queries in a more understanding manner.

7. Create your linkedin account and try not to use it like facebook or twitter. Make connections and describe your work and interests. Add your contact info. This will help you in introducing to different companies and people who have the vacancies for internships and jobs.

Although these tips are very simple, but they will surely be better way to present yourself in professional world. Remember, internships are first step into your professional career in one way.

Good Luck.

P.S: Thank you Owais Zafar for providing me this picture.

T for Teacher, T for Tricky, T for Tips ;) Do the magic!!

Last week, I attended a session of Mr. Abbas Hussain who is Director for Teachers Development Centre, Karachi about “ART OF TELLING STORIES”. Indeed, a great man :)
I wonder if there was any specific art described by speaker :O but there were tips which, as a teacher, I feel are interesting, affordable, tricky & magical. And, I would love to share them with so many teachers out there.

1. You must be using a white board, right? So, why are using it like a black board? :O Use different color of markers instead of one horrible black or blue. Write a word with one colored marker and underline/circle it with different color to highlight its importance.

2. Teachers and parents usually complain: “Students have become so naughty. They are so rude. We used to be so good. We never said, no to our teachers and parents. Nowadays, students reply so bluntly …. “
The issue is “RESPECT has been REDEFINED”. For example, In case, we go to class without any preparation. How many of us speak the truth? How many of us tell our students that we have not prepared. Well, the tip is, Speak the truth else it would be “aik din Geo key saath” program :P
Dear, let them realize that you are there to serve them and once, students realize that they will surely give you the respect, you want. REMEMBER that!

3. We are living in 2013 and students we teach will actually live in 2023. So, students “SEEK a PURPOSE & PASSION”. Probably, some of them might not. But, whatever you teach them, give them a reason for that.

4. So, students “READ LESS”
Teachers need to be Role model as a READER.
The dilemma is, we have not set our priorities well. Want to know how?
Choose one: Book worth 1200 Rs. OR Burger worth 1200 Rs. ??? I know your answer and you must have got my answer for how :P

Let me share 3 laws of reading:

a. Turn all your waiting time into reading time. E,g: waiting for the dentist, CNG line :P That means, always carry a book with you :)

b. Read the first 100 pages within 24 hours (for fiction). That means, start that book when you have time. It can be any weekend.

c. Read a vast variety. As you like to have diverse food, try to read different books.

Not enough?? Let me add one more..Dont interrupt your reading with dictionary boss.

Along with this, speaker tried to involve participants using various techniques. For Example:
-> Students whose name start with letter “B” stand up. They would read the 4 points written on white board.
-> Ask one student to stand up, read first line on white board and let him call name of another student to read next line and so on.

So, dear teachers! Enjoy your teaching job. If you would not enjoy your job, why would anybody else (students) have any interest in it? :O

Last but not the least:
remember that we are DIGITAL NATIVES but students are DIGITAL IMMIGRANTS.
Dont forget to share your tips in comments.