Hiking on trail 3, Margalla Hills, Islamabad

Make hiking more fun

Being in Islamabad is a treat as we get to hike beautiful trails of Margalla Hills. Last week, I went for hiking on trail 3. I realized that I missed 3 years in Islamabad without exploring lush green trails. I have planned to make this a regular habit. Not only this, I will keep posting my hiking experiences on my blog. Let’s make hiking more fun.

Hiking is one of the economical, beneficial and enjoyable exercise.  People with their friends & families come to hike on these trails. However, there are few do’s & don’t for hiking. If we take care of them, then hiking can be a healthy activity in real.


  1. Take following items with you:
    • Water bottles & ORS: Summers are already here so it’s best way to stay hydrated. There is no question to it.
    • Biscuits/ snacks: Some snacks will help you to stay energized
    • Towel: Small towel to wipe sweat off your face.
    • Comfortable dress, joggers & cap: Wear right dress, socks & shoes. Hiking will be fun.
    • Sun glasses & sunscreen: No summer hiking without them. Use a good sunscreen. You may consult your doctor
    • First aid: Keep a bandage & cotton with you.
    • Camera: Such activites are worth capturing.
  2. Before hiking, eat light and healthy. For example, fruits or yogurt can be good.
  3. Make sure you have cut your hand & feet nails before hiking. Long nails can be a problem during these activities.
  4. After hiking, remove socks & shoes and wash feet to avoid any nail problem.
  5. Help your friends & family. Keep them motivated till last point like my team did.


  1. Don’t forget to take any of the items mentioned above.
  2. Don’t run while hiking. It will be difficult to endure till top. Remember the rule, ‘Slow & steady wins the race’.
  3. Don’t eat heavy food before or during hiking. You will get exhausted soon.
  4. Don’t throw any garbage in woods. Keep a garbage packet with you.

But, most importantly, make hiking a habit & make you life healthier. Make it even more fun by taking your friends & families with you.

If you have any other do’s and don’ts for this list, share them with us in comments.

Stay healthy. Happy hiking 🙂

Mission Everest 2017

Today, I went to farewell & well wishing event to mountaineers who are attempting to climb Mount Everest this year. Before going to event, it was just a random plan to meet mountaineers. But, when I reached venue, I realized enthusiasm of people for this expedition. Adventure lovers from various clubs participated in event. Mountaineers, hikers, jeepers, bikers & cyclists were there at the event to show support to team. Among them was Samar Khan who is famous cyclist of Pakistan. Special thanks to Biker & hikers Pakistan for managing it so well.

Best part is, I met Sa’ad who is known as Desi Mountaineer on social media. He is one of the mountaineers for mission Everest 2017. Initially, I thought to give a summary here. But after having conversation with him, I realized that it will be unfair to do so. So, here is the whole interview, i did with him.

Q: Tell us about your passion of mountaineering?
Sa’ad: Travelling runs in my family. I was a member of Adventure Foundation Pakistan since 1996 and in 2006, I went to Shimshal for the first time to attempt MingleegSer. And though it was a failed attempt but I fell in love with the mountains all over again. I have since been to Shimshal 5 times including once in winters.
In 2012, I was selected for Pakistan China Friendship Expedition to Spantik peak (7,027m) by Alpine Club. After having done a 7,000m peak I started planning for Everest. And when Samina Baig climbed it I thought I could do it as well.

Q: This year, you are attempting for Mount Everest. So, how is training going on? Who is training you?
Sa’ad: I have been doing mostly cycling for stamina and did a training session with my team member and mentor Col. Abdul Jabbar Bhatti. Formally, I did a mountaineering course in 2014 on Hoper Glacier.

Q: What financial challenges have your faced so far?
Sa’ad: As far as finances are concerned, it it was an uphill battle to get sponsors on board. But I did become goodwill ambassador for WWF . The company where I work have been very supportive.

Q: One of the biggest challenges must be convincing your family for it? Isn’t it?
Sa’ad: That is, for sure. I have 3 kids. Today, when I was leaving from Lahore, kids were sleeping. It was emotionally draining to be far away from them for so long but one has to be strong. My wife learn’t to drive so she could manage things while I am away. She has been my strength and support throughout this plan.

Before we wish Sa’ad & Col. Abdul Jabbar Bhatti, let me share quick fact that only 3 pakistanis have climbed Mount Everest so far (Nazir Sabir, Hassan Sadpara & Samina Baig). Sa’ad is aspiring to be 4th one.

We wish Sa’ad & his team all the very best. We hope, team gets there on the top & bring glory to home. You can get more updates about Mission Everest on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Mower power to team #MissionEverest 2017

The smallest coffins are the heaviest :(

Yes, this is the darkest day in the history of Pakistan. Words are not enough to express the grief of martyred children. I just took part in Candlelight vigil ceremony in F-9 park Islamabad where there were Muslims and Christians. Because this act of brutality does not belong to any religion or community.
Rest in peace all the departed souls. My thoughts for all the suffering families. In the memory of all innocent children who lost their lives in today’s inhumane attack:

Hasrat mujhe un ghunchun pey hey,
jo bin khile murjha gaye!!

#PeshawarAttack, Candlelight vigil #PeshawarAttack, Candlelight vigil

BroadpeakIT – Cleanliness & Painting Activity – Making the difference :)

Who says, software house is all about sitting in front of computer and working till you die? Who says, IT people are not really social?

Okay, whoever says that, let us have a look at BroadpeakIT employees who gathered in nearby Football ground to clean it where they are playing cricket since 2 years.

Here is how it was, when they reached the ground:

F-7, Cricket Ground, Cleanliness, Social Responsibility
F-7 Ground before the cleanliness activity

Team was confused. What to do now? So much of mess and dirt? How do we clear that?
But the spirits were high. And, that was our strength. YAY 😀High spirits, Strength, Social ResponsibilityAnd, all of them suddenly start to prepare for the challenge. Excitement all around.

Cleanliness, Preparations for activity, BroadpeakIT, Cleanliness, Social Responsibiltiy

Team is ready. Operation is about to begin but firstly, instructions are being given:

BroadpeakIT, Hygiene, Islamabad, Pakistan, Cleanliness, Social Responsibiltiy BroadpeakIT, Cleanliness, Social Responsibiltiy, Islamabad, Pakistan

And, they make queues to start Ground cleanliness activity:

BroadpeakIT, Cleanliness, Social Responsibiltiy  Pakistan, Islamabad, BroadpeakIT, Cleanliness, Social Responsibiltiy

With zeal & zest, activity begins. Each and everyone takes part with a charming smile on face 🙂

Happiness, Islamabad, Pakistan, BroadpeakIT, Cleanliness, Social Responsibiltiy   BroadpeakIT, Cleanliness, Social Responsibiltiy  BroadpeakIT, Cleanliness, Social Responsibiltiy  BroadpeakIT, Cleanliness, Social Responsibiltiy  BroadpeakIT, Cleanliness, Social Responsibiltiy  BroadpeakIT, Cleanliness, Social Responsibiltiy

And, they pause for a pose 😛

  BroadpeakIT, Cleanliness, Social Responsibiltiy, Feel the differnece Happiness  BroadpeakIT, Cleanliness, Social Responsibiltiy, Excitement, Happiness

 And, then it was time for some benches and poles paintings in the ground (Personally me favourite 😉 )

   BroadpeakIT, Cleanliness, Social Responsibiltiy, Cricket, Painting, Islamabad, Pakistan

Meet true inspiration. My boss who got injured in the match but came to take part in and you can see the difference 🙂  BroadpeakIT, Cleanliness, Social Responsibiltiy, Inspiration, Islamabad, Pakistan

And, here comes final picture, after the activity:

  BroadpeakIT, Cleanliness, Social Responsibiltiy, inspiration, Islamabad, Pakistan

These pictures might not have a good quality, this activity might have flaws, but all of us played role in making environment better. Yes, BroadpeakIT team is proud of that (Y)

Have you ever been part of any such activity? Or, do you plan to take part in such activity now? How can we further work to provide awareness about social responsibility? Do share you words and experience with us in comments!

63 Not Out Forever, ODI Jersey # 64 Retired

27th November 2014, Indeed a very sad day for the Cricket community more like a family as Phil Hughes passed away. Here is a little tribute to the young man.

#PutYourBatsOut #PutOutYourBatsPhil Hughes, Sean Abott, #PutYourBatsOut, #PutOutYourBats

Hats off to the captain, Michael Clarke. From supporting Phil’ family & Sean Abbott to giving tribute to the great player, he has been true leader.

To Sean Abbott, he should get back to the ground. I am sure, Phil would have always wanted that. Team, Captain, Cricket is already waiting for you, man.

My thought for the Phil’s family, Sean Abbot & Australian Cricket team. This is not just a loss for his family but to the Cricket world which will miss his great game. He is definitely 63 Not Out Forever. The ODI jersey # 64 retired. Rest in peace, Phil.

Phil Hughes, Sean Abott, Michael Clarke, #PutYourBatsOut, #PutOutYourBats Phil Hughes, Sean Abott, Michael Clarke, #PutYourBatsOut, #PutOutYourBats

Happy Independence day #Pakistan

Happy 14th august o all pakistanis. Listen to national anthem & songs, feel the goose bumps & celebrate the day with full zeal and zest. I want to share my favourite national song written by Kaleem Usmani and sung by Mehdi Hassan. Truly, this song is richest regarding message to all of us:

Yeah watan tumhara hey, tum ho pasbaan is ke
yeah chaman tumhara hey, tum ho naghma khuwaan is ke

Yeah watan tumhara hey, tum ho pasbaan is ke
Is chaman ke phoolon per, rang o aab tum se hey
Is zameen ka her zara, aaftab tum pey hey
ye fiza tumhari hey, Behr o bar tumhare hain,
Kehkeshaan ke yeah jaale, rehguzar tmhare hain

Yeah watan tumhara hey, tum ho pasbaan is ke

Is zameen ki mitti me, khoon hey shaheedon ka
arz-e-paak markaz hey, qoum ki umeedon ka
Nzm-o-zabt ko apna, meer-karwana jano
waqt ke andheron me apna aap pehchaano

Yeah watan tumhara hey, tum ho pasbaan is ke

Yeah zameen muqadas hey, maa ke pyar ki soorat
Is chaman me tum sub ho, barg-o-baar ki soorat
daikhna gawana mut, doulat-e-yaqeen logo
Yeah watan amanat hey aur tum ameen logo

Yeah watan tumhara hey, tum ho pasbaan is ke

Meer-e-karwaan hum they, rooh-e-karwaan tum ho
Hum tu sirf unwaan they, asl-e-daastan tum ho
Nafraton ke darwaze, khud pey band hee rakhna
Is watan key parcham ko sirbuland hee rakhna

Yeah watan tumhara hey, tum ho pasbaan is ke
Yeah chaman tumhara hey, tum ho naghma khuwaan is ke

Long live Pakistan.