My first focus group discussion – Software application usability

I organized first focus group discussion (FGD) for a software application usability. It was such a good experience to get feedback from real users about app that I am already planning to organize one more. So, here are few details about FGD. IMG_0424

Product: Task management application

Target audience: Common people

Participants demographics: 8 participants (4 women + 4 men)

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One blogger, One post #JusticeForZainab

Dear bloggers,

We all are apologetic to Zainab because she was a part of this sick society.

But let’s not be apologetic to Zainab because our society is unaware of child abuse
Let’s not be apologetic to Zainab because our society doesn’t know about sexual abuse.
Let’s not be apologetic to Zainab because talking about sexual abuse is a taboo in our society.

Let’s break this taboo. Talk about sexual abuse. Talk about importance of sex education. Teach about good/bad touch. Encourage kids to discuss this with parents.

So, how you can help? If you are a blogger, share one blog post for #JusticeForZainab. Let’s not be apologetic. Let’s continue the chain till every single child is safe.

Saima Karim.



Small talk in METRO bus – Saa jil moments

Last week, in METRO, driver was playing this beautiful song in a different language & singing it in a slow pace. Out of curiosity, I asked him about language & singer. So, conversation went like this:
Driver: It’s a balti song & singer name is Manzoor
Me: So, are you from Skardu (Place where Balti is spoken)?
Driver: I am from Khapulu (A place near Skardu). Where are you from?
Me: I am from Hunza, Gilgit.
Driver: (Happily) Great. I went till Astore but haven’t visited Gilgit.
My stop came. Then, I said, ‘Uncle, it was good to meet you’
He gave me a flaunting smile that honestly made my day
Enjoy the song even if you don’t understand language. Music is beautiful

Technology helping in daily lives

I have been using Careem app since 1.5 years. First time, I used it when I traveled to Lahore alone. This app really helped me. Now, I use it to commute to office, grocery shopping & social events.

I broke my phone’s screen last week. So, I don’t have phone nowadays. Unfortunately, our car is at mechanic. So, I am using public vans, Metro & taxis to commute.

I have used public transport for many years & that too in Karachi. But in recent years, Careem app has really helped me in improving my daily commute which I realized after being in public transport once again. Here are few points, I would like to share about this realization:

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5 Pakistani Travel Instagram Accounts that I Follow

Traveling blogs and posts give me travel inspiration. I love to know about traveling experiences. There are so many amazing Instagram accounts and I can relate my travel experiences with some of them. I am sharing with you five such Pakistani Travel Instagram accounts. I enjoy following these accounts:

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An open letter to @Twitter for introducing #280Characters 📝

Dear Twitter,

I have been using Twitter since Oct 2010. During these 7 years, I have truly enjoyed using it. Here is my first tweet:

Interestingly, I was wiser then 😛

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