Quick tips to practice a new language

Quick tips to practice a new languageThis year, I didn’t make a list of goals to aim for. Because, last year I realized that I never remember the goals, I make at the start of every year. So, this time I was least bothered about any goals. This year in April, I got to know about Chinese classes and suddenly, I told myself that this is going to be my goal # 1 for 2018. Since then, I am loving it. Here are quick tips which worked for me in practicing this language.

  1. Install a language app.
    Use your phone for some productivity. Why phone? Because you carry it all the time. Install any language learning app. It can help you to practice language in an organized manner from basic to expert level.
    Also, many apps provide a platform where multiple users can be part of a single lesson. This way, you meet more learners who are learning same language. You can share challenges you face in the process and these fellows help you. One of the commonly used application is Duolingo.
  2. Use common words in daily conversations.
    Learn common words which are used in daily conversations. These words can be Hi, how are you, sorry, thank you or good day.
    For instance:
    I call my grand mother Nǎinai. Why? Because In Chinese, that’s what you call your grand mother.
    Instead of saying Hi, I say Nǐ hǎo because Chinese.
    In office, I use Xièxiè for thank you and Duìbùqǐ for sorry. And, I use them so frequently that my office colleagues know these words now.
  3. Convince any of your close friend or family to learn language with you.
    Yes, convince any of your close friend or family to learn language with you. This will improve speaking language you are learning. Combine study is always better than doing it individually.
  4. Enjoy practicing new language.
    Let me tell you one thing. People are going to laugh at you when you will practice these common terms of new language. For them, these words in different language sound meaningless. A lot of people will make fun of it. But don’t stop. Love to enjoy practicing it. This tendency of passion will measure, how quickly you are going to learn it.

Hope these tips will help you in practicing a new language. Remember learning a new language opens new dimensions in your life that you can never experience through any other activity.

Have you learnt any new/foreign language? Do you have any language learning hack? Share it in comments. Enjoy learning new language. 😊


CodeGirls kicks off its 3rd Cohort! #CodeGirlsKarachi

Code Girls kicks off its 3rd Cohort in Karachi Pakistan.
CodeGirls kicks off its 3rd Cohort in Karachi, Pakistan. #CodeGirlsKarachi

Codecode Girls Karachi by Consultnet Corporation in partnership with WomenInTechPK kicks off its 3rd cohort last week with an orientation event at Lincoln Corner – Liaquat Memorial Library Karachi. There are 120 participants in cohort 3 and classes will commence on Nov 12, 2018.

The main objective of this empowerment program is to train young girls & women with coding & business skills. The program is a complete package for starting a career in technology for the participants.

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Tech accessories review #MiPakistan

1. Mi Power Bank 2 – 10000 mAh

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry in pocket
  • Affordable – Price Rs. 2400
  • Two ports available: One to charge phone/tablet & other to charge power bank
  • Charge indicators: 4 lights to indicate power bank charge
  • Recommendable for users who have a lot of walk during their job hours. For instance:
    • Medical staff who keep moving from one ward to other
    • Teachers who have have to keep moving from one class to other
    • Hikers who go for 1 day hiking activity

2. Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic

  • Design for comfort
  • Can be easily put into ears during daily job activities
  • One click pin is available to control music, answer calls & make Snapchat/Instagram stories
  • Affordable – Price Rs. 750
  • Recommendable for students & Snapchat/Instagram users who love to make stories.

If you have used these products, do let us know in comments.

Beautiful Pakistan 🇵🇰

Independence day is not only a celebration day but a tick tick reminder for us to represent this beautiful homeland in a most positive way.

Every single step counts. Every small thing matters. Every online post represents. 🇵🇰

So, today I’ll share 5 posts from my Instagram feed which I feel, show some beautiful aspects of Pakistan.

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5 best TED Talks for Teachers/Parents/Educationists

August is here already. Schools, colleges & universities are reopening after vacations. Everyone is gearing up to start a perfect session. But, here I say it. If you are a teacher, parent, educationist or affiliated to educational institute in any way, you must watch these TED talks which can surely make these sessions perfect for students:

  1. “Every kid needs a champion” by Rita Pierson
  2. “The fringe benefits of failure” by J. K. Rowling
  3. “The joy of lexicography” by Erin McKean
  4. “How books can open your mind” by Lisa Bu
  5. “Math class need a makeover” by Dan Meyer

Share your favorite TED talk in comments. Happy & fun learning 📚 🤗 📔 😀 🔖

Happy and fun learning
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels



Women and girls in sports and role of media

10 things I learned from workshop about female athletes & role of media #CoveringFemaleSports

Last month, I participated in a workshop organized by Right to Play (Pakistan office) for athletes, journalists & bloggers. Initially, my plan was to talk about workshop, theme and other details. But, after giving it a thought, I opted to write about my experience and learning from this wonderful workshop. So, here you go:

  1. Sports industry is one industry that can make a society healthy, happy and fit. But, that health, happiness and fitness can’t be achieved by ignoring female sports. 🏃‍♀️Trust me. Even if you don’t, that’s the reality.
  2. After participation in this workshop, I realized that covering female sports is an issue not only in Pakistan particularly but also a problem globally. And, this issue can only be addressed through mutual efforts. 💦 Continue reading “10 things I learned from workshop about female athletes & role of media #CoveringFemaleSports”